School specialties

I think that the most important areas in the school are the library, playground and the computer room.


The library is very important because you can get information from books you can borrow books to pass time at home and sometimes play games.


The playground is obviously important to play with friends and do P.E with your class.


What also is important is the computer room. The computers allow you to communicate with students or teachers around Australia also around the world, study many different subjects, do school projects and also play games. That’s what I think of the schools most important areas.   


Hammer Throwing Horror

Have you ever played Mario And Sonic At the Olympic Games??? If not keep reading!!!
The Allstars have been playing one of the most exciting games you’ve played in a long time.
Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Games
After playing the game Mrs P decided that we’ll all make funny stories or newspaper articles.
This one is mine. Have a read through and see if you like it.
Hammer Throwing horror
After an amazing hammertoe Vector, Bowser and Knuckles have been caught using drugs!!! Hammer throwing officials said
“Because Vector, Bowser and Knuckles have been using steroids to make it fair all other competitors will also be under the influence of drugs!! They will take the drugs from our evidence folder!
After a day taking steroids, the day has come. “Vector is starting the hammer throw finals in the birds nest”
said the commentator. 1 2 3 4 spins and he lets go it’s going it’s going 80m 90 120m 160 200m 500m he has thrown it out of the stadium we can see it with the helicopter view it’s still going look out OH it just hit someone in the groin Oh that gotta hurt. I think that the referee is saying that his disqualified because he Oh My Gosh his threatened him with a shotgun the ref said “Shoot Me!!!” BANG and he did right in the brain he must be dead for sure. Now its Bowser turn to throw, he steps up on the podium. He grabbed the hammer and start to spin 1 2 3 4 spins and he let go to and it not going far but it’s going high very very high it’s almost as high as an aeroplane can fly it’s about to hit a plane of in just missed. Oh no it coming down ‘Oh noooooooooooo!!!’ The hammer knocked of the left engine no the plane is now crashing and burning down at us Oh wait is turning it’s now heading for the Great Wall Of China !!!CRASH! Now it is
Knuckles turn hopefully he can throw it decently.1 2 3 spins and he lets go its going far look out its go towards the flame and ‘!!BANG!!!’.
OH NO it’s going down and about to hit the audients HOLLY MOLLY!!! An audients member is burning to death.
What a day of hammer throwing but unfortunately
There was no 1st 2nd or 3rd   place. Better luck next time in London in another 4 years.

Let The Mini Olympics Begin

This term the Allstars have been doing their holiday project on the Olympic games because the Olympics are coming up.


Belmore South have also thought of hosting our own Olympic Games here in the playground. This Olympics will not be a big ceremony it will just be an Olympics with 8 events.

8 classes out of 14 have been picked and they they have chosen what event they would like to host. The other countries will go round and challenge the host countries to those games.

The Allstars are the country Jamaica and we are hosting the game hockey.


If you have any info on Jamaica I will be happy to read it and share it to the rest of the Allstars.

Thank you.   





During the holidays the Allstars had to do a holiday project all about natural disasters like volcanoes, cyclones & earthquakes.

Other people did games and books even experiments but I did an information cube. On this cube every side has 1 or 2 facts about volcanoes.





 Fact 1

 Did you know that Indonesia has the most volcanoes, 87!!


Fact 2

 In 1883 Krakatau erupted and produced the loudest noise heard by humans. It was heard over 4800 km away.   


Fact 3

                    Mauna Loa is the largest volcano in the world.


Fact 4


When Krakatau erupted lots of people were killed but most people died from a tsunami generated by the eruption. 


It was a normal day of school nothing happening just walking home with my friends looking at the traffic lights sat a drumstick (kind of ice cream) van. As i was heading towards to the van joking around as if i was going to eat it the man opened the window and gave all my friends and i an ice-cream each. we all thanked the man and he really gave us the most expensive nicest ice-cream their is. 

Poem about Me!

Hi, I’m Robert new to the 08 Allstars. I am in Year 5 and I hope to learn & make friend around the world throughout blogging. This is a poem about about myself, this is how it goes:


Good swimmer,loud and annoying

Brother of Daniel

Loves family ,animals,swimming

Who feels like eating

Who needs water,family and food

Who gives happiness, friendship and love

Who fears harpoons, shotguns and lions

Who would like to see God and wrestlers

Who dreams of flying

A student of Belmore South P.S.